Prophets of the New Age

by Rotting Gutless Corpse

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released November 2, 2015




Rotting Gutless Corpse Slovakia

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Track Name: Consume the Freedom
Consume the freedom
Freedom to consume
Your struggle you resume
You lack the wisdom

The reality
is in your hands
You are dreaming
wake up screaming

Consume the freedom
Freedom to consume

Nothing to be Done
Nothing that can be changed
For the world is none
Free world is deranged

For freedom and democracy
Can't you see the hypocrisy?
Can you really be this blind?
It is just your dreaming mind
Track Name: Infected Machine
Once again you mention those things
That have never been spoken
Through simulation of reality to any being.
Filtering the context and essence

Transformed, reformed
Finally injected
The heap of virtual unspoken words,
Desires and ambitions

Processed by a remote controller entity
For each fucking simple change
Analyze your worth

When they say free
You are the commodity
You are not free
bree bree bree

Once again I mention that thing
That someone got to say
Your life is not a publicity
So don’t act like a paparazzi
Stalking, bugging and wiretapping
Your fucking self
Track Name: Change Is on the Horizon
In this fucking society
There is only one deity
It is money they desire
It is what they want to acquire
They create corporations
To control all nations
Immune to our laws
They drive in their fancy cars

Change our fucked up system
Change our fucked up values
Cure their mind poison
Change is on the horizon

The world they raid
Ethics they betrayed
Resources are diminishing
But their profit is flourishing

Politics are their bootlickers
They just want money, the fuckers
Politics make for them laws
They are made for their cause
They censor what they can
Their evil deeds unseen to man
Everything is kept silent
They aren't afraid to be violent

Maybe there is still some hope
Left for humankind
Now is the time for us to act
This bullshit must be stopped
Track Name: The Prophets
We will awake from ashes
of your corrupted throne
Let the nailed god empty
His sore eyes upon our ascend

I will never whore my soul
For profit, for you
I will always keep to my path
My vision, my goals
I will never stray from this way
My glory, my life

We are the prophets of the new age
We are
We are the voices of the revolution

The prophets of the new age
Hey, you will be slain
I will be king
For a new day
The base stones for the future
and tomb stones for the past

One shall not stand
Against the course of the progress
As blood boils in my veins
I shall break thy reins
Track Name: Wealthseekers
Little fucking spoiled brats
Blowing the cruel sandstorm
Been spoiled since forty five
Their wealth trying to revive
Their deceiving lies they spread
The world they try to misinform

Wasted path of wealth seekers
Wasted life caused by belief
Hostile act of gatekeepers
On new shores is no relief

Run away
Land in ruin

Miserable border is pierced
Run away from the beast
Run to the land of great feast
Their population is released
Track Name: My Hopeless Affliction
Welcome to a dark, dark world
Take care, Evil lives here

My Hopeless Affliction!

I am being taken to the edge
I'll fall down from the ledge
Down there is the Abyss
How did it get to this?
This is my eternal doom
My soul it will consume
I must fight against their grip
From their grasp I must slip

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise

Misuse, abuse and addiction

Destructively obsessed
Pain suppressed
My hopeless affliction
Never get satisfaction

Fighting this fight
Obsession I will smite
This I will endure
If I want the cure
Ghosts are concealed
Their Prison won't be sealed
Anytime they'll reveal
Their grasp I'll feel
My soul is dying
They have made me blind
Altering my fucking mind
The mind of denying