Resurrection of the Corpse

by Rotting Gutless Corpse

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released July 21, 2015




Rotting Gutless Corpse Slovakia

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Track Name: Cannot Stop Killing
I'm gonna fucking kill you
Inner Sign

Wiiiiii wiii wrr
Wiiii wiii
Whrr wrr brr
Wiii wrrr
Wiii wii wii wii wii wii wii wrr
Whrr Rhbrbr
Wii wii wii wrrrrr

My never ending last cannot be stoped
Because I must keep killing

I got a huge hammer
to crush your fucking skull
Whrr rbrr rrr
Skrr rbrbru
Rrrb rbrr, wrr rau
Rrr rbrbau
When you will die

Beware, they want to kill you
You die slowly, they want to kill you
Beware, the death is coming

My never ending last cannot be stopped
Because I must keep killing

Track Name: Animals as Killers
Solid cortex, the last spasm
Thoughts of a sick mind
Such, such a good, such a sweet Miau

Hair cocktail, such a sick fuck
With a twitch, she is still, still alive
Liquid resurrects, entre to a life
Pale arteries splash infected blood

I can see your heart beats [2x]

Cat by cat, raped by cats [2x]
Cat by wiii wiii wiii wiiiiiii
Raped by cats

Cat by cat, raped by cats [2x]
Raped by cats

Imagine demon that occupies your mind
Can't stop, still thinking about the horse you wanna grind

Bacterial semen penetrates through mouth
Maggots crawl from orifices
Drying blood meets mud
Imagine the horse you wanna grind


Torn flesh gets away
It is a sick and bloody path
Gorophobic darkened hound tear out your fucking heart

I can see your heartbeat
Track Name: Poľská veverica

Fhorbee whorbe rhorbe rhoar
Horme rhormi whorii
Ohrhor rhorbe rhormi
Ohrhor rhormi rrhiiii

Whri wrhri whrhrhrhrr
Whri wrhri whriiiii

Whri rhrh wrhi wrhiii wrhiii wrhiii wrhiii wrhi
Track Name: Grindarinka Darinka
Jeden pomaranč sa zaľúbil raz
do Darinky mandarínky
a vedel o tom už celý strom,
že už je na svadbu čas

Ale niekto v tom
vyšiel na strom
a obral všetky mandarínky
a poslal ich tam
vlakom až k nám
aj s mandarínkou Darinkou


Wiiii wi wiiii wiiiiii
wii wii wii wii wiiiiiiiii

Wiii wiii wi, Mhrr
Wii wii wiii whrr, Ehrr
Forhii rhiii rhi, Ahrr
Wiii wiii whrr, Ahhhhrrrrrr


Fhorbibi whorbibi rhorbibi rhorbibi
Whorbibi rhorbibi rhorbibi rhorbibi
Rhibibi rhorbibi rhorbibi whrorr
Rhorbibi rhorbibi rhorbi rhobrbrrrrrr
Track Name: Mar Ha!

Riii ri rau ri, ri rau rii
Wii rau ri rau wroo
wooowi wi wauwa wiiwoo
Wooo wrrrr
Skrr rori rau ra jajijaji
wooowi wi wauwa wiiii
Wiii wii wiiiii
Wrooooo wiiiiiiii

Poznám už svoj ťažký údel
Slovák som a Slovák budem
tak mor ho detvo kým sa dá


Wiiiiiiiii jaaaaaaa
Skrrii ja wii riii
Wii nrrmrr riii
Rhrothr not skrrr
Awhr writrnahhhhh

Wiiiiiii jaaaaaa
Wiwiwiwiii wr brii briiii
Whra rhanr whrodrta raaaa

Woowii woowii whrab whrab wi jajijaji
Wii waa rhori rhiiii
Whaitini wii whatini rai
Wi wi wi wiiiii
Rhob rhob rhoi, rhob rhob raiaji
Wroo ri raa iskrooo
Wi wii wi wi wiii
Wi wi wiiiiiii

Nad Tatrou sa blýska
hromy divo bijú
nad Tatrou sa blýska

Ja som veľmi rád, že aj v organizácii spojených nádor...
názorov, na... ehm, spojených nádor... ehm spojených národov
dor... názorov, na... ehm, spojených nádor... ehm spojených národov [4x]
dor... názorov, na... ehm, spojených nádor... ehm